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Day Tours offered during your stay at El Caseron

THE CITY OF BAGUIO -- The Summer Capital of the Philippines is only one hour away. Sight-seeing includes a visit to an Igorot (Native North Filipinos) Community, as well as Baguio's sight-seeing musts, various shops and of course, a stop at "Good Shepherd" for your taste of Philippine delicacies (their Peanut and Cashew Brittle and jams are their trademark). On the way to and from Baguio, there will be plenty of opportunity to stop and photograph the breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains.

WOOD-CARVINGS/FURNITURES/ANTIQUES -- Also one hour away, in Rosario, La Union, you'll be taken to various shops specializing in traditional Philippine crafts.

THE TOWN OF VIGAN -- A full day tour, you'll be taken up north to see one of the oldest Spanish cities of the Philippines -- seemingly untouched by the 20th Century. Along the way, you'll enjoy a coastal drive up the West Coast of Luzon Island. Upon arrival in Vigan, you'll see the quaint old Spanish streets, churches and Old World buildings of Vigan. Shopping for arts and crafts made here is essential.

CHURCH TOUR -- This full day tour consists of visits to the various classic Philippine churches in the region.

MARCOS HIGHWAY -- A delightful drive up Marcos Highway (built as an additional passage to Baguio), you'll find the stone-carved head of the late former president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, which looks-over the highway named after him. This tour may be combined with your day trip to Baguio. Otherwise, it consists of a one hour southern coastal drive which will head east after a stop for a meal. The destination is one of the Philippine's more recent monuments.

THE CITY OF TARLAC -- Also a southern drive (two hours), we'll take you to one of the larger cities in the region, where you'll enjoy shopping, eating and lots of sight-seeing -- including another modern monument, that of the late activist, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino.

A FULL LIST OF DAY TOURS IS AVAILABLE FROM OUR OFFICES. Prices vary depending on number of people in group and time-of-year.

Please call our office/reservations line (02) 715-7146 for further information.